Gallery of rooms


Gallery of rooms

People who value peace and contact with nature, and at the same time comfort and convenience, they will certainly find what they are looking for in us.

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In the 14th-century Palace there are 6 comfortable rooms waiting for our guests, located in the former gate tower and the attic. In the stylish Orangery interiors we have 5 cozy 2-person rooms, and in the Oficyna - 2 luxury apartments. We also have 5 rooms in the former brewer's house.


Rooms in the palace

Pałac - pokój nr 7 Pałac - pokój nr 8 Pałac - pokój nr 10 Pałac - pokój nr 11 Pałac - pokój nr 12


Rooms in the building of the former orangery

Oranżeria - pokój nr 1 Oranżeria - pokój nr 2 Oranżeria - pokój nr 3 Oranżeria - pokój nr 4 Oranżeria - pokój nr 5


Rooms in the building of the former outbuilding

Apartament A Apartament b


Rooms in the former brewer's house

Piwowarnia - pokój nr 1 Piwowarnia - pokój nr 2 Piwowarnia - pokój nr 3 Piwowarnia - pokój nr 4 Piwowarnia - pokój nr 5