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Kurozwęki is beautifully situated spot, which is a great place for quiet walks and many exciting adventures. The Estate consists of the castle, two pavilions, adjacent studs with a 19th century column portico guarded by two lions, and the fragments of an English landscape garden located in low-lying north-west part of Kurozwęki. Additionally, the current owner, an heir of an ancient aristocratic family, brought to the Estate a herd of bison and decided to turn the Kurozwęki into an attractive and welcoming place for tourists and visitors. If you want to discover the history of this place and its numerous attractions we invite you warmly to visit us and use our broad offer!

The castle and its treasures

Take a tour around the castle with a guide and discover six centuries of its history! You will see an exceptional mixture of architecture ranging from the Middle Ages through Renaissance, Baroque, to the 19th century. The guide will present to you in a attractive way the history of the castle and its owners. You will see dungeons, ballroom, courtyard cloisters and a chapel with 18th century frescos. We also invite you to visit a museum that has been recently opened and displays Popiel family’s memorabilia as well as a collection of paintings of a renowned Polish 20th century painter Józef Czapski.

After your tour, we invite you to take a relaxing walk in the English landscape garden with its old oaks and plane trees. If your prefer a rather active outing, the tennis, basketball, football and beach volleyball courts are all to your disposition free of charge (you can rent equipment at the reception).

Dungeons full of secrets

One of our special attractions is a guided tours through the castle’s dungeons full of history, legends and fairy tales. The dungeons includes a small museum hall where you can see reproductions of weapons used by knights and monuments found during the process of removing debris from the castle’s underground floors.

Bison safari
Kurozwęki is not the one and only place in Poland where American bisons are bred but only here you can see such a bug herd of these amazing animals living in environment as close to their natural habitat as possible. The story of American bison breeding in Kurozwęki began in December 2000, when 20 heifers and 2 bulls were imported from Belgium. Now the herd consists of 80 individuals and new, cinnamon coloured calves are born each spring.

If you want to admire these mighty animals you  you can walk on foot, use a horse-driven carriage or take part in a safari bison tour. Special vehicle takes you right in the middle of the herd where you can meet these kings of Great Plains “face to face”.

Mini zoo and play ground

We warmly welcome individuals and groups in our mini zoo where all sorts of attractions and special offers are available. If you please, you may meet lamas, donkeys, rabbits, a racoon, Cameroon sheep, ostrich, a Scottish buffalo,  goats, wild boars, ponies and many other animals.

Alternatively, or after visiting the zoo, you can use our playground zone.

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Hemp/Maize Maze (available from November to October)

By walking in our maze, you can test your sense of direction, resourcefulness and other abilities. Every year we organise games and competitions by placing on the maze paths questions or riddles to answer. The task is additionally exciting because cell phones are blocked on the premises so you must rely only yourself. Coupons with right answers take part in a prize drawing. Tickets: 6 PLN (full); 4 PLN (reduced).

Treasure hunt

An old legend says that Peter of Kurozwęki, called “the Thunder”, hid once a treasure in the Kurozwęki Castle. It has never been found but certainly it would be worth trying to find it. For all those of you who are born adventurers we will gladly organise a TREASURE HUNT!It’s a great team game which can also be played by adults and teenagers. Every player gets a map of the castle as well as a set of hints that will help them to find the treasure. You can compete against each other or work in teams. For those lucky ones who find the hidden coins, a reward is foreseen. The price is 8 PLN per person (groups between 5 and 20 people)

We guarantee lots of fun!
NOTE: This activity is only available if booked in advance!


Kurozweki Stud Farm is an exceptional place situated in one of the most attractive parts of the Kielce region, in southern Poland. This old family estate is home to the only American bison herd, which grazes on the fields nearby a historical 14th century castle. This is a perfect place to enjoy your free time. The estate offers accommodation and a range of activities including horse and carriage rides through the countryside.

Stud’s Offer

-Horse riding lessons
If you want to admire the beauty of the Estate of Kurozwęki and the surrounding area on horseback and learn some riding and training skills under professional instructor’s watchful eye, we've got something to offer:
-A stroll atop a horse - 15 PLN;
-A ride on a horse, a lunge walk (30 min) - 30 PLN;
-Horse riding - 35 PLN;
-Individual Horse Riding - 50 PLN;
-Riding in the area with an instructor (1 hour) - 40 PLN;
-A pony or a donkey ride (1 round) - 5 PLN;

Please, book at least one day in advance by calling + 48 (0) 15 866 72 71 or +48 (0) 15 866 72 72

Horse riding lessons are given by an experienced instructor Mrs Beata Pabian, phone: + 48 791 079 143

1. Stud Guided Tour
Visiting the stud with a guide:TICKET PRICES :
- 5,00 PLN / person – full fare;
- 3,00 PLN / person – reduced;
2. Show of full-blood Arabian horses + sightseeing tours (40 min)
Presentation of 3 horses running free and of one horse led by a groom;
PRICE: 600 PLN per group
3. Horses roundup (from paddocks) + guided tour around the stud
(starts at 6.30 pm and lasts 30 min). You can see an impressive moment of horses being roundup to the stables!
- 8,00 PLN / person – full fare;
- 6,00 PLN / person – reduced;
4. Carriage rides
We offer the following options of carriage rides:
- 2 persons - price 60 PLN;
- 4 persons - price 100 PLN;
- 10 persons - price 160 PLN;
- WEDDING ride - price 650 PLN;
For further information, please call +48 15 866 72 72 or +48 15 866 72 71, or contact
Mrs Beata Pabian, phone: +48 (0) 791 - 079 – 143 ; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





"The horse is my friend" – Riding Workshop

The programme:
- Discovering stables and learning rules of safe behaviour;
- Horse riding (guided tour with an instructor);
- Integration games (horseshoe throwing to the target, sack races, etc.);
- Art competition - " Portrait of a horse ";
- Green Car - the culmination point of the programme – a cart ride,
- BBQ and awards ceremony for games and contests winners a diploma Horse’s Little Friend for the youngest participants.

The organiser also provides :
- Instructors’ guidance and care during the event,
- Objects necessary to participate in games and contests,
- Awards for winners of each competition.
- Estimated duration : about 3 hours

Price: 25 PLN / person
Reservations and details available at +48 791 - 079 – 143


Field game: " Regain the Castle"

Discover an original idea of sightseeing!Field game is an interesting form of learning as well as having fun. End with the boredom of  traditional sightseeing! We can show that museum tour does not have to be long and boring; it can be a challenging game full of adventure. Games are organised not only inside the castle but also in its neighbourhood. The game is based on a scenario which refers to the Estate and their inhabitants’ history and it is supervised by instructors and guides who often turn into the characters from storyline of the scenario.

Game scenario:
- Participants are randomly divided in teams, one person becomes the captain of each team,
- Each team will receive a similar set of tasks,
- Team’s captain has a decisive voice,
- Each task has allocated set of points to score,
- Teams depart in about 5 minute intervals on a so-called game route,
- Team’s task is to reach all the checkpoints,
- What counts is ability of logical thinking and associating facts (which is not always very easy),
- In order to score at checkpoints, the whole team must get there together at same time,
- When reaching a checkpoint each team reports its arrival to instructor,
- Game requires not only knowledge and intuition but also overcoming obstacles encountered on route,
- Place where game ends is given only at last checkpoint,
- Team can move only on foot and together. No one can be separated from group,
- Duration - approx 2.5 hours,

Price: 23 PLN/person
NOTE: The game offer is available only upon reservation!

Additionally, we offer on attractive terms: accommodation, delicious home-cooked meals, campfire or barbecue

The facility is open all year-round. You certainly get some rest and enjoy your free time


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